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amazon com customer reviews 2017 mileage log for taxes - 2017 mileage log for taxes track mileage and fuel expense for 2017 in the mileage log for taxes helps when time to file income tax, amazon com adams vehicle mileage and expense journal 5 - adams vehicle mileage and expense journals help you keep detailed daily records on the use of your car for business you get 588 entries to capture the date odometer start and finish total business miles and business purpose for each trip, taxability of fuel expense reimbursement to employees part i - taxability of fuel expense reimbursement to employees part i posted by gautham on april 13 2016 organizations use fuel expense reimbursement as a pay component for tax saving particularly for members of middle and senior management, irs announces 2017 mileage rates for taxes forbes - the internal revenue service irs has issued the 2017 optional standard mileage rates and beginning on january 1 2017 the standard mileage rates for the use of a car van pickup or panel truck, publication 463 2017 travel entertainment gift and - standard mileage rate for 2017 the standard mileage rate for the cost of operating your car for business use is 53 5 cents 0 535 per mile, company car mileage rates autotrip blog - whether your employees are using a company car or a personal car grey fleet for business mileage purposes the mileage rates will differ the reimbursement amount takes into consideration different reclaim factors such as fuel wear and tear and on road expenses, publication 334 2017 tax guide for small business - what you need to know table a provides a list of questions you need to answer to help you meet your federal tax obligations after each question is the location in this publication where you will find the related discussion the irs mission, spare fuel for ladakh trip where do you need it - for example if your car s mileage is 15 kms per liter then to be on a safer side assume then it would go down to 10 to 11 kms per liter in ladakh, fuel economy in automobiles wikipedia - the fuel economy of an automobile relates distance traveled by a vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed consumption can be expressed in terms of volume of fuel to travel a distance or the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel consumed since fuel consumption of vehicles is a significant factor in air pollution and since importation of motor fuel can be a large part of a nation s, alaska air group reports fourth quarter 2017 and full year - alaska air group reports fourth quarter 2017 and full year results and raises dividend 7, tax rules for buying a suv or truck to deduct as a - 3 start a business and save on taxes a business is one of the best ways to shield your income from more taxes you can either incorporate as an llc s corp or simply be a sole proprietor no incorporating necessary just be a consultant and file a schedule c, per diem rates gsa - rates are set by fiscal year effective october 1 each year find current rates in the continental united states conus rates by searching below with city and state or zip code or by clicking on the map or use the new per diem tool to calculate trip allowances, san diego volkswagen dealership new 2017 volkswagen - mossy volkswagen is a mossy automotive dealership located in san diego county we offer volkswagen sales service parts accessories and financing options visit us today, study the solution to unreliable wind and solar power - 100 percent renewable energy sources require overcapacity to switch electricity supply from nuclear to wind and solar power is not so simple germany decided to go nuclear free by 2022, eia s electric power monthly january 2018 edition with - a guest post by islandboy the eia released the latest edition of their electric power monthly on january 24th with data for november 2017 the table above shows the percentage contribution of the main fuel sources to two decimal places for the last two months and the year 2017 to date, highlights from the comments on cost disease slate star - i am sorry if this comes across as snarky but it really has to be said ceo pay is mostly justified is not a known fact it is a deeply contested claim debated by mounds of papers and very skilled and learned academics