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new alliant pistol powder be 86 shooters forum - new alliant pistol powder be 86 alliant has come out with a new pistol powder with a burn rate very close to it s own power pistol and i dont know why, hercules unique versus alliant unique ruger forum - hercules unique versus alliant unique this is a discussion on hercules unique versus alliant unique within the reloading forums part of the firearm forum category i have some hercules unique that is probably about 30 yes old i have noticed that all unique powder now says it is made by, 10 mm load data handloads com - 150gr jhp 9 2 gr power pistol 1 332 fps 1 250 cci lp guest great velocity very tight groups 15 yards wittness full size 4 65 inch bbl federal brass, alliant 10x 223 help please shooters forum - need load info for winchester or other 55gr fmj bt using alliant 10x powder this is for an ar 15 16 carbine cal 5 56 1 9 twist i have looked through the manual i have and it does not list this powder, 223 remington load data handloads com - 50gr bthp 27 5 gr win 748 3 250 fps cci sr guest this load has worked really well in a savage 110e i have a friend who has used it in a new england handi rifle with good results, powder suggestions in 45 long colt 24hourcampfire - trail boss comes in a 9 oz container rather than the usual 16 oz you can use it for 38 special and light bullets in 45 too keep in mind that this is a powder for fairly light loads you won t be able to get as high velocities with it as you would with unique if that matters to you, unique powder in 45 colt ruger forum - unique powder in 45 colt this is a discussion on unique powder in 45 colt within the reloading forums part of the firearm forum category i ve read in other forums that more than 8 5 grains of unique is hard on guns another poster said he shot my blackhawk out of, winchester powder data the leading glock forum and - i had wondered about winchester data myself i looked until i found an older winchester loading manual which features loading data for 231 296 540 571 wst wsl wsf and wap, versatile powders w231 load data ultimate reloader - being able to use a single powder for multiple applications is a great benefit this standardization can allow you to keep your powder measure loaded with the same powder make bulk powder purchases more equitable and generally make your life easier one great example for pistol loaders is, reloading the 45 colt page reloadammo com - return to previous page reloading the 45 colt wc wadcutter swc semi wadcutter hp hollow point rn round nose fmc full metal case fmj full metal jacket jhp jacketed hollow point and if gc indicated means gas check at bottom of lead bullet, the complete reloading manual for the 8mm mauser - the complete reloading manual for the 8mm mauser loadbooks on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers features reloading information compiled and reprinted from the following leading u s bullet and gunpowder manufacturers hornady manufacturing company nosler bullets, top 3 powder picks for 45acp page 2 the leading glock - the best powder imo hands down not in the hornady manual is wst why good case volumn clean burning soft recoil at any level phenominal accuracy w all bullet wts, amazon com customer reviews barnes bullets 30745 4th - find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for barnes bullets 30745 4th edition reloading manual at amazon com read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users, shotgunworld com ultra light or sub sonic 410 loads - trex300 listen to bob k about the 410 the little beast must be loaded to recommended pressures to get proper performance the idiot stick uses magnum pistol powder and they do not download well at all the idiot stick which i love to shoot is kinda short on power anyhow i imagine on one of your cold days even a full throttle load will be lazy and not really clean to get down to 1000 fps, duplicating buffalo bore fbi load smith wessonforum com - for awhile now i ve been impressed with buffalo bore awesome 158 gr lead swchp 38 special load 20a clocked at over 1040 fps from 2 bbl and 1160 fps from 4 bbl bb fbi load is without a doubt the most powerful 38 special load on the market today who says 38 44 is a thing of the past, the bsa w w greener lee speed sporting rifle - the lee speed rifle the original incarnation of the most well known of all british service rifles was the rifle magazine lee metford adopted in 1888 just as several other major powers were adopting nitrocellulose small bore cartridges and new magazine rifles, archive gunblast com table of contents - articles archive most recent articles are at the top of the page note thumbnail pictures have been removed from the archive page to help it load faster